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GCh Clussexx Tea and Crumpets
& GCh Cheri-A Wingo Lord Olivier

Sire and dam of GCh Xela's E.T. Phone Home








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GCH Cheri-A Wingo Lord Olivier, CGC, RN
Am Can BIS Ch Kingscourt Beau Jo Is Marchog
Ch Dixie Acres Belle Of The Ball




GCh Xela Phone Home

GCh Clussexx Tea and Crumpets
GCh Cheri-A Wingo Lord Olivier

Elliott finished his AKC Championship in 3 shows at the 2014 English Toy Spaniel National Specialty



About the English Toy Spaniel:

The English Toy Spaniel in the United States is known as the King Charles Spaniel in the rest of the world. The breed dates back to the 1500s. King Charles ll gave his name to his beloved Toy Spaniels and in 1625 issued a Royal Proclamation "commanding that all Toy Spaniels be granted entry everywhere in the British Empire". Even today, this decree still stands.

The English Toy Spaniel has four recognized colors - the Prince Charles, which is a Tri color and the Blenheim that is red and white. The ETS known as the King Charles is black and tan and the Ruby is a solid chestnut red color.

Left: Stephanie with Larry & Crumpet